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Dust bag, skeleton and flower plate installation method (with photos)

Dust bag, skeleton and flower plate installation method (with photos)

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Installationmethodofdustbag,skeletonandflowerplate: Intheinstallationandcommissioningworkofthebagfilter,theinstallationofthedustbag,theskeletonandtheflowerplateistheminimumandcarefulworkinthewholeinstallation,soitshouldbeplacedattheendoftheinstallation.Wheninstalling,thebagmustnotbecutwiththehardobject.Collisions,hooks,andevensmallscratchescangreatlyshortenthelifeofthebag.Themethodofinstallingthedustcollectorbagistofirstputthebagintothebagroomfromtheholeoftheboxflowerplate,andthenpinchthespringringontheupperpartofthebagmouthintoaconcaveshape,putitintotheflowerholeplateoftheboxbody,andthenrestorethespringring.Makeittightlypressonthecircumferenceoftheflowerhole.Finally,gentlyinsertthedusterbagfromthemouthofthebaguntilthecoverontheupperpartofthebagispressedagainsttheholeintheplate.Inordertopreventthebagfrombeingtrampled,itisrequiredtoinstalladustbageverytimeabagisinstalled.Filterbag,dustbagcageandflowerholeplateinstallation(withphotos).1.Unpackthefilterbag2.Pourthefilterbagintotheflowerplatehole3.thebayonetisflattenedtotheflowerplatehole4.Bendthebayonetinward5.thebayonetslotisalignedwiththeflowerplatehole6.adjustthebayonetposition7.pressthebayonettoconfirmtheposition8.thefilterbagisinstalledinplace9.insertthefilterbagkeel Skeletoninstallationprocess(withouttexttube)  Dustbagreplacement:Whenthedustremovalefficiencyofthebagfilterisreduced,itisoftencausedbythedamageofthefilterdustfilterbag.Whenasmallareaof​​theindividualbagisdamaged,theoldbagorthesamematerialcanbeusedtofilltheholeandfillthehole.Themethodistouseasiliconerubbercompoundforbonding,aslongasthetemperatureandchemicalpropertiesoftheadhesivearecompatiblewiththeprocessconditions(thiscansaveapartoftheinvestment)andchangethebagifnecessary.Whenmostofthedustbagisdamaged,itshouldbereplacedcompletely.(Whenthefiltermaterialisusedforalongperiodoftime,thefinedustaccumulatedinthefilterlayerwillreducethegaspermeability,andwhenthesystemairvolumeisaffected,itshouldbereplacedifitisnotdamaged.),thereplacementbagshouldbecarriedoutwhenthedustcollectorstopsworking.Atthistime,thecleaningcontrollershouldbeclosed,andthemanholedooratthetopshouldbeopenedtoremovethebag.Whendisassembling,thebagcageshouldbetakenoutfirst,thenthebagshouldbetakenup.Thespringringispinchedintoaconcaveshape,andthebagispulledup.Beforeinstallinganewbag,thedustontheplateholeshouldbecleaned. Ifthedustcollectorcannotstopworkingwhenreplacingthebag,thechambersshouldbeseparatedoff-lineseparately,andthenthecompartmentsshouldbereplaced.Thechambertobeisolatedshouldbethepop-upvalveintheclosedstate,andthepulsevalvedoesnotwork(forsafetyreasons,Chamberpulsevalvepowersupplycutoff).Whendisassemblingthebag,duetothesmallamountofnegativepressureonthebagmouth,specialcareshouldbetakennottodropthebagintotheashhopper. Whenyouencounterdifficultiesintheconstructionandinstallationofthedustbag,ourcompanycansendengineersandtechnicianstosolvevariouson-siteproblemsandprovidetargetedsolutions.

Installation method of dust bag, skeleton and flower plate:

In the installation and commissioning work of the bag filter, the installation of the dust bag, the skeleton and the flower plate is the minimum and careful work in the whole installation, so it should be placed at the end of the installation. When installing, the bag must not be cut with the hard object. Collisions, hooks, and even small scratches can greatly shorten the life of the bag. The method of installing the dust collector bag is to first put the bag into the bag room from the hole of the box flower plate, and then pinch the spring ring on the upper part of the bag mouth into a concave shape, put it into the flower hole plate of the box body, and then restore the spring ring. Make it tightly press on the circumference of the flower hole. Finally, gently insert the duster bag from the mouth of the bag until the cover on the upper part of the bag is pressed against the hole in the plate. In order to prevent the bag from being trampled, it is required to install a dust bag every time a bag is installed. Filter bag, dust bag cage and flower hole plate installation (with photos).

1. Unpack the filter bag
2. Pour the filter bag into the flower plate hole
3. the bayonet is flattened to the flower plate hole
4. Bend the bayonet inward
5. the bayonet slot is aligned with the flower plate hole
6. adjust the bayonet position
7. press the bayonet to confirm the position
8. the filter bag is installed in place
9. insert the filter bag keel


Skeleton installation process (without text tube)



Dust bag replacement:
When the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is reduced, it is often caused by the damage of the filter dust filter bag. When a small area of ​​the individual bag is damaged, the old bag or the same material can be used to fill the hole and fill the hole. The method is to use a silicone rubber compound for bonding, as long as the temperature and chemical properties of the adhesive are compatible with the process conditions (this can save a part of the investment) and change the bag if necessary. When most of the dust bag is damaged, it should be replaced completely. (When the filter material is used for a long period of time, the fine dust accumulated in the filter layer will reduce the gas permeability, and when the system air volume is affected, it should be replaced if it is not damaged. ), the replacement bag should be carried out when the dust collector stops working. At this time, the cleaning controller should be closed, and the manhole door at the top should be opened to remove the bag. When disassembling, the bag cage should be taken out first, then the bag should be taken up. The spring ring is pinched into a concave shape, and the bag is pulled up. Before installing a new bag, the dust on the plate hole should be cleaned.
If the dust collector can not stop working when replacing the bag, the chambers should be separated off-line separately, and then the compartments should be replaced. The chamber to be isolated should be the pop-up valve in the closed state, and the pulse valve does not work (for safety reasons, Chamber pulse valve power supply cut off). When disassembling the bag, due to the small amount of negative pressure on the bag mouth, special care should be taken not to drop the bag into the ash hopper.

When you encounter difficulties in the construction and installation of the dust bag, our company can send engineers and technicians to solve various on-site problems and provide targeted solutions.