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Introduction of P84 needle felt filter cloth:

P84: its fiber material name is "polyimide", English name is "polyimide", and code is "P84".

P84 filter bag is a kind of flame retardant, temperature resistant and stable fiber filter cloth. The filtering mechanism of P84 polyimide filter cloth at 240℃ remains unchanged, and its maximum temperature resistance can be up to 260℃. In addition, the P84 fiber filter cloth has no melting point temperature, and presents a natural golden color. Moreover, the P84 polyimide fiber filter cloth is non-absorbent fiber filter cloth (relative humidity 65%, water absorption rate about 3%).

This filter cloth has the following three features:

1. Temperature resistance

Working temperature is 260℃.

2. Chemical resistance

The pH value of acidic waste gas and alkaline dust is between 1 and 12.

3. Low backwashing pressure and high filter cake removal efficiency

The features of P84 are marked by the fineness of fiber itself, and its irregular fiber cross section increases the fiber surface area to provide a lot of small pores which makes the surface filtering achieve the deep filtration effect. In addition, the dust only stays on the surface of the filter felt but fails to penetrate into the filter felt, so the backwashing pressure is small while the filter cake removal efficiency is improved, as a result, the collection efficiency of fine particles is achieved and the working pressure difference is small.

It is suitable for asphalt plant, cement plant, waste incinerator, fluid-bed boiler and coal-fired boiler.



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