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polyphenylene sulfide

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Introduction of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) needle felt filter cloth:

PPS high temperature resistance cloth bag is one of the main varieties of high temperature resistance filter cloth, and it is made of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber in accordance with the production process of other high temperature resistance filter cloth felt. As PPS fiber has complete strength retention and inherent chemical resistance, it can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environment to achieve an ideal service life. It can be said that in the pulsed dust removal devices such as natural coal boiler, waste incinerator, calcium carbide plant, power plant fly ash collection and treatment, the proper PPS needle felt can be applied as filter bag in the bag-type dust remover with temperature and corrosion requirements.

PPS: its fiber material name is "polyphenylene sulfide", English name is "polyphenylene sulfide", and code is "PPS".

Product advantages:

1. Its working temperature is 170℃, instantaneous working temperature is 232℃, melting point is 285℃, and limit oxygen index is 34 - 35.

2. It can be applied in the occasions with oxygen content of 15% or below.

3. The oxides containing sulfur in fuel or in flue gases have been proved to be the fiber with strong acid & alkali corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.

4. It can be applied in the occasion containing moisture in flue.

5. Under the working condition of temperature between 190℃ and 232℃, its air-to-cloth ratio can be up to 5:1 and 6:1 in online and offline dust removal, respectively. PPS filter felt dust removal bag has excellent performance record.



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